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Barcelona Online is a directory of sites providing online information about Barcelona - about its architecture, its culture, its art galleries and museums, but also about all other facets of life in Barcelona, both for people that live in the city and those that wish to visit it, whether in person or online.

If you know of any other great Barcelona sites that we have omitted, we would love to hear about them and will include them in our pages [ criteria ].

Barcelona Online was originally begun as a source of information about the city for the students on Spanish courses at International House Barcelona. We hope, however, that it will be of interest to many others.

This site continues to be sponsored by the IH Barcelona Spanish Department. The opinions expressed on it, however, should not necessarily be seen as being those of International House.

Barcelona Online is edited and produced by Tom Walton.

Disclaimer is unrelated in any way to either of the following sites:

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