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While the tourist information Expedia offers on Barcelona is not up to much, we were impressed by the ease of searching for a flight to Barcelona plus accommodation, as well as by the range of results offered.

We got BA flight from Heathrow to a 5-star hotel on the "exclusive" Avenida Diagonal "only 20 minutes from the airport", with "a spa equipped with an indoor-outdoor (sic) swimming pool, a fitness center, and a hydrotherapy center (cor!)", a neat navigable map of the hotel's location, plus a full-size van thrown in for €51 a day extra (the missus was planning some heavy duty shopping)... and a full range of alternatively priced alternatives, as it were.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor will send you weekly "updates" on Barcelona – which includes articles and "user" reviews. You ended up in a lousy hotel? Here's your chance to slam it! You're looking for a hotel? Here's somewhere you might want to check out for "independent" opinions the places you've just earmarked in your guidebook.

The site has sections on tourism, hotels, attractions, "smart deals" and maps. Worth checking out.

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People tell us Airbnb is great!

Alternatively, try, on our flights page: it's also quite good for finding hotel deals.

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Somewhere posh?

These two both have spectacular views (though possibly not from their cheapest rooms!)

Hotel Vela
The one that looks like a yacht down at the beach (for which planning permission ought never to have been granted!)

From €347 a night (and up to €10,000 a night if you happen to be an Arab sheikh).

Hotel Arts
Also at the beach, one of Barcelona's twin towers.

From around €250 a night (though we suspect there are hidden extras).

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