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Barcelona by bike

Barcelona by bike

Barcelona by bike: give or take the odd crazy taxi driver, there are few better ways to see the city...

Barcelona by bike

The local authority Ajuntament de Barcelona site has a great section explaining what it has been doing to promote use of the bicycle - which has included over 100km of cycle lane, with that set to double and include a 60km "Green Ring" cycle path going right round the edge of the city.


Provided you are a Barcelona resident, are not a tourist and don't want a bike for just a joyride, then Bicing has 6000 bikes available at nearly 400 stations around central Barcelona [map of stations] for a €46 annual fee, with free use of the bikes provided your journey time is under 30 minutes.

The service Bicing provides comes in for almost as much stick as cyclists themselves (to judge from the number of letters-to-editors published in Barcelona's newspapers). There's never enough bikes, they don't get maintained, the computer system breaks down, won't let you park your bike when there are empty parking spaces and charges you 150 euros if you fail to bring your bike back (which sometimes you did...!).

And all that's before you mount up and face Barcelona's crazy car drivers!


Probike started out in a miniscule shop with their first batch of bikes stored in the back of a van on the street, but has become one of the best Barcelona bike shops in Barcelona, selling mostly mountain bikes. You can probably get a bike cheaper in Barcelona if you punt around, but the customer service is absolutely unmatched.

Probike also organises (among other rides) a superb TransCatalunya ride, bringing you (off-road) 190km down from La Molina in the Pyrenees to the top of Tibidabo.


At the bike shop Espaibici they specialise in city and folding bikes, including Bromptons, and genuinely believe that the bike makes for a better world.

A folding bike maybe your answer to the problem of what to do with a bike in Barcelona if you believe that too and want to use it as a means of transport: leave it chained to a lamp-post and it will get nicked, possibly piece by piece.

A Brompton (the real McCoy of folding bikes) doesn't come cheap but it's a great way to get around a marvellous city for cyclists.

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Safety tips

Riding a bike safely in a city like Barcelona is pretty much a matter of common sense. Do these things, and you'll get there safely (a couple of scares are par for the course!):

Not getting it nicked

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