Business in Barcelona

Business in Barcelona

Accio10 is "a global organisation devoted to promote Catalan business", with a variety of activities, including trade fairs, "aimed to connect Catalan companies with international ones, in order to foster business cooperation", with a network of offices in more than 80 countries.

The site reckons that Catalan exports reached a record levels in 2012, saw 5% growth and were even better than pre-crisis figures (not something that seems to have trickled down to your average Barcelona citizen!).

If you are looking to do business or invest in this part of the world, a site worth checking out.

In English, the site is at

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce describes itself as "one of the most relevant institutions in Catalan social and economic circles". It says Barcelona is Southern Europe's business capital, "the driving force of Southern Europe" (we love saying that kind of thing here).

You want to set yourself up in business in Barcelona? Worth checking out... though we're a bit surprised there's no information in English!


Barcelona NETactiva says that it is (deep breath) "a portal of contents and on-line services for entrepreneurs, who host a virtual community of businesses who can interact between them with the objective of doing collaborative networks for cooperation and innovation".

You know sweet FA about how to set up a business, this could be your site. It starts with a test of your potential as an entrepreneur (we'll skip over the results we got) and goes into such things as what legal forms your business can take, what bureaucratic hoops you need to jump through in order to get it off the ground, and so on. Neat!

Barcelona Stock Exchange

The Barcelona Stock Exchange site has the sort of extensive financial and market information you would expect, I suppose. You're interested? Go check it out. You're not? Me neither.

World Trade Center Barcelona

Designed by architects Pei, Coob, Fred & Partners, who also did the "glass pyramid" outside the Louvre, the eight-storey Barcelona World Trade Center stands in the middle of the port and offers a variety of services to businesses.

You are looking for a spectacular setting for your convention – or for your Barcelona office – the WTC could be your place.

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