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Cookie policy

Why do we have this page?

We are required by EU law to alert you to the fact that we use cookies on this site.

What cookies do we use and why?

Google Analytics | The Google Analytics cookies allow us to track what you do on It tells us what pages you visit, how long you spend there and what device, operating system and browser you use to access the site, among other information.

We use that information essentially to help us design and update the site.

We are not interested in what any given individual does on the site, but on the statistical information we get on what all our users do while they are visiting the site.

Google Adsense | We carry Google Ads on this site, as you can see on this page.

The Google Adsense cookies allow Google Ads to be personalised for you, according to what Google perceives as being your interests.

Note that if you click on an ad on this site (or on any other site carrying Google Ads), a very small amount of revenue is generated for the site.

More about Google's privacy policies and the sort of information it gathers about you.

Social media cookies | The social media "like" buttons at the top of each page on this site also use cookies and will identify you if and only if you use them and log in to your account.

On the pages on which we have YouTube videos, there is a further cookie which tracks, for YouTube, how many times its videos have been watched.

How do I disable cookies?

You can disable cookies either for all websites or for specific ones (though you will lose some functionality on some sites).

How you do so depends on what browser you are using. This page on explains how to disable cookies on different versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others.

Should I do so on this site?

No, trust us, it's really not necessary!

Is all this cookie policy thing necessary?

We believe your privacy is a vital thing and we have 100% respect for it.

We don't gather personal information about you on this site, we don't collect your email address and no, you're not going to get bombarded by spam after using this site.

But, having said that, obliging every website to include a cookie policy which the user then has to dismiss is pretty dumb.

We used Silktide's cookie consent tool to produce the cookie consent pop-up on this site and think they did a pretty good job of explaining just exactly why the EU policy is daft.

It irritates me to have to keep dismissing the pop-up!

Yeah, that's exactly why it's daft!

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What are cookies?

This Wikipedia page (which will also be using cookies) explains more than you probably want to know.

There's also a good explanation of what cookies are here on

Where can I find real cookies?

Do you mean recipes for cookies?

We'd recommend you Elise Bauer's wonderful blog.

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