Barcelona FAQs

Barcelona FAQs

Cybercafes (etc)

How do I find a list of cybercafes - or any other retail outlet or service, for that matter?

The Paginas Amarillas (Yellow Pages) website is probably your best bet. Enter "Barcelona" as your province and city and "cibercafes" (note Spanish spelling) on the "actividad" (etc) line.

An alternative Yellow Pages is QDQ.

To locate the address you find, use this interactive streetmap of Barcelona...

Map of Barcelona

... great map (see link above), but I can't seem to search it!

That's because you have to scroll down the page, below it, to find the box where you have to enter the street name (amazing how poor design throws so many people on that one!). See also "Metro", below.

More Barcelona maps here.

Can you help me find a...?

... library, swimming pool (etc), in Barcelona. On the same interactive streetmap you can pinpoint bars, bus stops, flamenco clubs, hotels, martial arts clubs, museums... You name it! To do so, make your selection from the list on the right ("Locate services on the map"), tick your selections, then "apply".

Where is the district of...?

A map of the different neighbourhoods of Barcelona. is available on For further information within each neighbourhood, choose "el territori i els barris"

Metro (Underground) stops

How do I find what Metro stop to get off at for La Maquinista (etc)?

Assuming that you have the street name (for the shopping centre La Maquinista, Ciudad de Asunción), go to the interactive streetmap of Barcelona, enter it in the box on the site and then "search".

By then choosing "transport and related services" and then "apply" you will insert those on the map. Click on the Metro icon for information on the stop itself. Zoom out if none appear.


I know my address, but what's my postcode?

Go to the Correos (Post Office) site. There, choose "códigos postales" (postcodes), enter the name of your city, and then the name of your street.


Is Barcelona a safe city?

Yes, you do have to be careful. Bag-snatching (etc) is a problem (as it probably is in most of Europe's big tourist destinations). Do be careful when you come, as such things will ruin a great holiday.

But, yes, Barcelona is a safe city. You can walk its streets at night and feel safe (though to the right of the Ramblas as you go down to the port is an area you might want to avoid on your own).

Anecdotal evidence suggests that, if you're young and loud and have had a few beers or ten, you can if you really want to get into a fight with the natives. Don't.

Otherwise, you are extremely unlikely to see violence of any kind on the streets (unless you are standing outside MacDonalds plate glass window when there's a demo on, that is).

Barcelona Online editor Tom Walton has lived in Barcelona since 1982 and never once been robbed. His Mum was, in Marks and Spencer (now, alas, long closed), but then again she looks like an elderly English tourist just off a Easyjet flight - not like a six-foot-four 185 lb hulk [can this last bit be right, Ed.?].


I've found the Spanish national rail network RENFE website, but I can't find the station I'm looking for...

A case of poor site design again. The start page gives you only the major stations. For local trains, you may to go to "Cercanias", and then select your region (Barcelona, for example).

Still can't find your destination? Try "Regionales"... No, we can't explain the difference!

As noted on our Barcelona transport page, depending on where you are going (eg. to Sabadell, Terrassa...), you may want a local Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) train, not RENFE at all.

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Can you suggest a good mobile phone company?

No. We can tell you lots of horror stories, however, about any phone company you care to mention... They're all equally bad!

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