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Cheap flights to Barcelona

Don't say we didn't warn you!

"Can you tell me a site where I can find a cheap flight from Malaga to Barcelona next weekend?" someone asked the other day. Fortunately, we were familiar with this very successful Barcelona-based start-up.

Atrapalo ("Catch it!") has cut-price theatre and concert tickets, deals on Barcelona hotels and car rentals, as well as flights. It also covers most of Spain's top destinations (particularly Madrid but also places like Granada, Seville and so on).

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Cheap flights to Barcelona

The following airlines all offer cheap flights to Barcelona:

(Dublin, Cork)

EasyJet (UK)

eDreams Cheap flights from Barcelona

GermanWings (Germany)

Jet2 (UK)

Monarch (UK)

Ryanair (UK)

Transavia (Amsterdam)

Vueling (Belgium, Italy and Spain)

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Beware of very cheap flights bringing you into Girona or Reus.

They're great for the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, respectively, but inconvenient for Barcelona, both being around 100km away.


Details of the airport bus service

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