Tourist guides to Barcelona

Tourist guides to Barcelona

Time Out Barcelona

TimeOut Barcelona: highly recommendedThe print version of TimeOut's Barcelona guide has got to be one of the very best available. A party game for those that live here: Yes, but does it include…? And, inevitably it seems, it does.

The website doesn't include all the print version does, and if you are coming to Barcelona, isn't something you can carry around in your pocket going to be so much more convenient...?

There's also a weekly print magazine version of TimeOut Barcelona, in Catalan only.


Official Barcelona Tourist BoardHighly recommended
The Municipal Tourist Board runs this website with the aim of promoting the city as a tourist destination. It has a lot of information of all kinds and is one of the best Barcelona sites.

Note also the neat Barcelona Apps the Tourist Board has created.

The main actual Barcelona tourist board information office itself is in the SE corner of Plaza Catalunya, located underground (!) on the other side of the road from the Corte Inglés department store.

The Spanish Tourist Board have quite a impressive Barcelona section (not to mention the rest of Spain). It has extensive information on accommodation, museums and restaurants and the like, as well as a good section on what to do with children in Barcelona.

Lonely Planet Barcelona

Not Barcelona!We're not impressed by the Lonely Planet site for Barcelona. We don't like the copy ("The art will make you clammy all over. The people, with their exuberance, their duende..."). The whole thing is naff and looks as if it hasn't been either updated or ever properly researched in the first place. The "map" is... well, frankly!

Ok... you only just heard about some place called "Barcelona"? It will give you a very brief outline – but then you want to surf off somewhere else.

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