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History of Barcelona Museum

In the lovely Plaça del Rei (reflected in its window), the History of Barcelona museum

History of Barcelona Museum

Unless you're interested in the Roman remains, this one is slightly disappointing, especially in comparison with the Catalan History Museum (see below).

Barcelona also has the remains of a Roman temple and bits and pieces of the Roman walls, but Tarragona is perhaps more interesting than Barcelona if that's really your thing.

History of Catalonia Museum

One of Barcelona's best museums
Housed in a lovingly refurbished trading depot, the only surviving building of Barcelona's old port, the Museum of the History of Catalonia is an excellent one, a must for anyone really interested in Barcelona - i.e. in more than just Gaudi and what's hip-according-to-the-hype. It takes you from prehistoric times to the present day, with some fascinating models and dioramas, and some great temporary exhibitions, apart from anything else.

By Barcelona museum site standards, the website is an excellent one. The virtual tour shows you round, though it only takes you up to 1714.

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Another fascinating museum for understanding the history of Barcelona: the Maritime Museum. also has online multimedia series of 45 chapters on Barcelona's history.

Highly recommended

Interactive map history of medieval Barcelona

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