Barcelona for kids

Barcelona for kids

Barcelona Aquarium

The Aquarium (on the Moll d'Espanya - you can find Maremagnum, right?) has some pretty amazing creatures inside, most notably the huge shark tank. It's not the cheapest of day outs but the kids will love it.

The website is not what we'd describe as exciting but the Aquarium itself is (ahem) "worth" a visit.

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo is sadly long since without its star attraction -- Snowflake, the world's only albino gorilla. Whether or not he should be stuffed was hotly debated here in Barcelona. There will be a statue!

The zoo, possibly the city's most over-priced (ejem) "attraction", is not really somewhere you want to head if you are a serious animal lover anywhere over the age of about 6...

Tibidabo Fun Fair

If you don't fancy the traipse all the way down to Port Aventura (see below), Barcelona has its own fun fair - which dates back to the time when, yes, they were really called fun fairs, not theme parks. In fact, the one on Tibidabo, the tallest of the hills that overlook Barcelona, has been there now for over 100 years.

Not exactly Disney World, but your kids will just love the haunted house!

Port Aventura

True, Port Aventura is not really a Barcelona site at all - but what's a 100km drive when you've got kids? It's an hour by car down the motorway but it is also possible to get there by train. Yourself, you may think it's packed and a right rip-off, but we guarantee your kids will (a) moan about having to wait to go on the rides, (b) scream with hysterical excitement once they get on them, and (c) then pester you for ice-creams.

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Barcelona Zoo
Port Aventura


Catalonia in Miniature
(unless your kids have been to Legoland!).

Barcelona's fabulous new CosmoCaixa science museum.

Football mad? Then there's the Barça museum, which includes a visit to the immense Barça stadium.

Or how about this?

Summer camps
You could always pack the kids off on a summer camp while you explore Barcelona...

Football camps
You sign them up for the FCB Escola and they get to train at Barça (!!!). Summer only, and needless to say, it's not cheap!

Don't miss

The Festival de la Infancia (Dec-Jan.) fair is great fun for kids.

What's on page for more details.

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