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Learning Spanish

Spanish at IH Barcelona

Barcelona attracts a huge number of foreign students, many to learn Spanish, but many others too on programs like Erasmus. It combines its obvious attractions as a place of outstanding tourist and cultural interest with an unbeatable climate, a friendly, cosmopolitan population and general atmosphere, and Spanish that is spoken with a clarity not to be found in other parts of Spain, making it easy to understand as well as, for learners, to imitate.

You're afraid you'll pick up a Catalan accent? If you do, congratulate yourself – you've obviously learnt a lot.

As they are this site's sponsors, we're obviously going to say that IH Barcelona is the city's premiere Spanish language school… But, actually, the fact that IH is also one of Europe's top language teacher training centres, for both Spanish and English teachers, as measured by student numbers and examination results, is probably as good a guarantee as any that you are choosing a reputable school.

The site itself offers full information on the Spanish courses the school offers, as well as information, photos, links etc on Barcelona.

Learning Spanish

A page on the IH Barcelona site (see above), but one that we found particularly interesting. Basically, it is a series of interviews with people learning Spanish and looks at what learning strategies they have used to learn the language.

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With such a lot to see in do in the city, it's hardly surprising that Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for people wanting to learn Spanish...

Free classes!

Learn Spanish Free
Well almost...! Barcelona is one of the top destinations in Spain for people wanting to learn Spanish. But at IH they also have a Spanish teacher training which offers "almost free Spanish lessons" (just €40 for 3 weeks) taught by the department's trainee teachers.


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