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La Vanguardia Digital

Barcelona's leading daily, La Vanguardia seems sadly to be dragging itself downhill, at least as far as its print version is concerned, with tabloid headlines occupying half of its front page. It has jumped on the bandwaggon of what is "popular", and no longer seems able to distinguish fact from opinion.

La Vanguardia Digital, however, is a commendable online edition, with excellent culture, science and sports sections, besides local and international news.

The print edition of La Vanguardia has a great little supplement on Fridays (in Catalan only), called Que fem ("What shall we do?"), with some great ideas for places to visit, things to do, etc.

El Periódico

Beyond its news (and, like La Vanguardia, El Periódico has surely lost a lot of its credibility in its policy of screaming headlines and so on), the site is particularly interesting in its interactive sections, with jokes, and paint-your-own graffiti (look for "Pintadas"), as well as 360º postcards of Barcelona.

20 Minutos

20 Minutos Handed out free in Barcelona every weekday morning, 20 Minutos is Barcelona's last surviving freebie paper.

Shares content with editions for other cities in Spain, and the content on Barcelona tends to be in Catalan rather than Spanish, though not exclusively so.

El Mundo Deportivo

We was robbed!El Mundo Deportivo is Barcelona's most popular sports paper, and is to be found virtually in its entirety online. It is rabidly pro-Barça, rabidly anti-Real Madrid, but otherwise has decent coverage of (first) Spanish and European football and (then) a decent range of other sports, notably basketball, cycling and Formula 1, probably the most popular sports in Spain.

You want an objective vi ew of what is happening at Barça, you probably have to read the Madrid papers (Marca, As..), too, and then make up your own mind.


Sport is Barcelona's other sports paper. Like El Mundo Deportivo it is fanatically pro-Barça, to the extent that what it reports on Spanish football lacks, shall we say, a certain amount of credibility.

Beyond its (extensive) coverage of Spanish football, again like El Mundo Deportivo it also covers basketball, cycling and Formula 1, handball and roller-hockey (yes, that's right) in depth.


MetropolitanWhen you first pick up and flick through a copy of Metropolitan, which is available in its entirety - including its archives - on its website, you might be forgiven for thinking it is intended to cater for the ex-pat community.

In fact, however, closer inspection reveals that it is not. It carries a lot of articles on local culture, has a good section on places outside Barcelona, and is of particular interest to anyone thinking of coming to live in the city. A site well worth browsing.

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Barcelona is one of the European cities with a Craigslist community. It carries quite a lot of ads for rooms and other accommodation on offer, including housing swaps.

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