What was on in Barcelona

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Mobile World Congress

February 27-March 2
With 1,400 exhibitors and 70,000 square metres of exhibition space, the MWC is big! It's another of those events that allows lazy media people to call Barcelona "the world capital of...", a phrase that is trotted out as often as possible. In fact, we are the Mobile World Capital!

Includes hardware and device manufacturers, network infrastructure, service providers, software developers, etc, but Apple never comes (!).

The Telegraph was very un-impressed, saying it's "no more than an extended weekend away for mobile representatives". Ouch!

IH Barcelona ELT Conference

February 5-6
An annual event, IH Barcelona's annual conference for English language teachers attracts some of the big names in English language teaching (ELT) to the city.


What's on in Barcelona

Missed it | This month | Coming

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