Trade fairs in Barcelona

Trade and other fairs in Barcelona

Fira de Barcelona

Barcelona's Trade Fair Centre, the Fira de Barcelona, located just off the Plaza España, at the foot of Montjuich (Avda. Reina Ma. Cristina) is where many of Barcelona's main trade fairs take place. With eight different "palaces", it occupies a total of 250,000 m2 and attracts over 3m visitors a year to its more than 80 different exhibitions.

It is well worth checking out what's on if you are coming to Barcelona: there are some fascinating events of interest to the genaral public.

Mobile World Congress

February 24-27
With 1,400 exhibitors and 70,000 square metres of exhibition space, the MWC is big! It's another of those events that allows lazy media people to call Barcelona "the world capital of...", a phrase that is trotted out as often as possible. In fact, we are the Mobile World Capital!

Includes hardware and device manufacturers, network infrastructure, service providers, software developers, etc, but Apple never comes (!).

The Telegraph was very un-impressed, saying it's "no more than an extended weekend away for mobile representatives". Ouch!

Saló de l'Ensenyament

March 12-16 2014
The Saló de l'Ensenyament Education Fair is Barcelona's big event for the education sector.

Sonimagfoto & Multimedia

The biennial Sonimagfoto & Multimedia is a must if you're interested in "image, photography, video, multimedia"?

You still haven't got a multimedia mobile phone? Or the one you have got isn't quite the latest model?

Saló Internacional del Turisme a Catalunya

International Tourism Show in Catalonia

Salón Internacional del Automóvil

Barcelona's biennial International Motor Show is one of the biggest trade fairs held at Barcelona's Fira exhibition site and it's also one of the most popular, with more than a million visitors. The site has full information on how to get to the Fira, on exhibitors, and the various activities (including an exhibition of all the Bond cars) that are on.

•We liked: The photos of the slot cars – which you can play with... no, not online, silly (catch me at the Fair, I'm the man in the green anorak who won't let go of the throttle)


Construmat, the biennial International Building Exhibition doesn't have the draw – at least to the general public – of, say, the Barcelona motor show, with 4,200 exhibitors spread over the two Fira exhibition sites and attracting nearly 250,000 visitors, Construmat is definitely on your Barcelona agenda if you are in the building sector.

•We liked: The national bricklayers contest
•Not so hot: Sewage installation sector

International Boat Show

October 15-19 2014
Barcelona's International Boat Show, the Salón Naútico, takes place not at the Fira de Barcelona but at the new exhibition site, Gran Vía (M2), and in the port of Barcelona.

Festival de la Infància

Barcelona's annual "Festival de la Infancia" fair is a great day out for kids - with basically anything you could wish the Three Kings (aka Santa) would bring you.

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NOTE Unless otherwise stated, the venue for all the events on this page is the Fira de Montjuic.

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