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Transport in Barcelona

Barcelona's tramvia blau

Not Barcelona's normal bus service: the tramvia blau, which trundles you up to Tibidabo

Airport bus

The Aerobus is probably the best way to get into Barcelona from the airport, and vice versa.

There are stops coming into the city at Plaza Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell and Plaza Universitat; going to the airport at Sepúlveda-Urgell and Plaza Espanya.

Journey time is around 35 mins, a single ticket costs €5.90, and the service runs from 05.30 to after midnight [full details].

Public transport

Barcelona has an excellent, cheap and well-run public transport service – and it also has a decent website, providing information on buses and underground as well as season tickets (including short-stay tickets).

The Metro (logo, above) is fast and efficient (but watch out for pick-pockets).

Tourist bus

Barcelona's public transport company runs an excellent tourist bus service. Highly recommended if you want to see all of Barcelona quickly, the bus also takes you to all the main tourist attractions in Barcelona.

The hop-on/hop-off service gives you 3 different routes, 44 different stops and discounts you'll be grateful for by the time you start to top up how much it's costing you to visit all of Barcelona's many attractions.

A 1-day pass is currently €26, the 2-day pass €34 (with a 10% discount if you buy online).

Note also the dinky "tranvia blau" (the blue tram) that takes you up Tibidabo for an unmatched view of Barcelona.

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat

Apart from the Metro network (see above), there is also another train network, the FGC (or Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya). Note the different logo, right and don't get on the wrong system.

The FGC run a single underground line from Plaza Catalunya northwards with a branch line taking you to Tibibado and the Tramvia Blau.

It also runs the trains the take you to outlying towns such as San Cugat and the monastery at Montserrat, as well as the mountain railway to the lovely Vall de Núria.


And to make things even more confusing, the national train service RENFE runs the trains that take you to other towns outside Barcelona, including those both north and south to the beaches along the coast, such as Sitges and Blanes, as well as to the Pyrenees (Puigcerdá-Tour de Carol line) and the rest of Spain.

Local trains are termed "Cercanías" in Spanish, "Rodalies" in Catalan. Further information on our Barcelona FAQs page.

Tram service

The Tram, the multi-billion euro tram service, runs into Barcelona from Cornellà and Sant Just, and makes its way down the Diagonal to the Forum from the Ciutadella Park, with an absurd 3km gap between the two, snarling up all the traffic as it goes - nay, actually ramming cars as it chundles along!

The Tram was involved in at least 21 accidents and that was just in the two-month trial period prior to any passengers getting on board. Barcelona's crazy car drivers have since learnt not to mess with the Tram!

You'll pardon our cynicism, but is the Trambaix (a) utter madness (b) a clever way to go one-up on sensibly tramless Madrid (c) a big money spinner for somebody's sister's brother-in-law (etc) (d) a smart way to impress visitors to the Forum how modern we are here in Barcelona (e) a means of convincing ourselves we are "ecological" or (f) all of the above?

Bus to Girona, Costa Brava

You got yourself a cheap flight to Girona, did you? That's 100km north of Barcelona, and RyanAir have some impossibly cheap offers (check the small print, the airport taxes are probably three or four times the cost of the ticket). To get to Barcelona, Sagales run a direct bus service.

Alternatively, there is a bus service from Girona airport to the railway station, on the half hour, from 05.30 to 00.30 – a 20 minute journey. For your return trip, from Girona railway station, buses run on the hour every hour from 05.00 to 21.00.

To get to the Costa Brava from Barcelona, Sarfa run buses to such places as Tossa del Mar, Cadaques and Port de la Selva.

Easy Car

Apart from probably being the place to begin for cheap flights to Barcelona, Easy also has a car hire firm that will rent you wheels so that you can discover some of the other wonderful places outside Barcelona while you are here.

The site is as easy to use as you would expect and offers very competitive prices for car rentals, particularly if you book well in advance, and don't want the car over a weekend.

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On a bike?!

Keep you wits about you, and Barcelona is actually a great city for cyclists (for a start, because of the weather!).

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GermanWings (see our flights page) advertise flights "from €19".

"We're not joking," say their ads, "We're German"!

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